Minny Lee
5.5 x 7.5 inch
Soft Cover / Accordian Hand Binding
33 pages
Limited edition of 100 numbered copies, each copy includes an original print. 

Printed and bound by Datz Books
Photographs by Minny Lee

Language of Text: English, Korea, French 

Encounters contains portraits of trees taken on winter nights when the silhouettes of trees become more distinctive and human senses more acute. Minny Lee sees each tree as having as its own personality. She photographed trees in the wetlands of New Jersey and during travels in France. The images are reflections of her inner state and childhood memories. For this edition, Datz Press of South Korea painstakingly connected each sheet of paper to make a 176-inch long accordion book, following the artist’s original design. Tucked inside of the back cover is a critical essay by renowned curator and critic, Gabriel Bauret. Each book of the limited edition of 100 copies is signed, numbered, and comes with a 5x7-inch original print on rice paper made by the artist. 

 (Book photographs courtesy of Datz Press.)

Encounters is in the collection of International Center of Photography Library, New York Public Library, Special Collections at Stanford University Library, Special Collections at the University of Arizona Library, and many other private collections.


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